The Hansel and Gretel Centre was established in 1994 by Mrs Pillay a qualified junior primary teacher with 2 degrees. She got the idea from parents of children she taught. It concerned the parents that children from the more affluent families attended Preschool before starting grade one whilst their children did not attend a preschool before.

Mrs Pillay then set about recruiting children from areas which are in the low economic income group. Parents of 150 children were keen to join the play school. With no premises to use she approached a parent who volunteered her premises without hesitation. Without any capital, the parents got together and photocopied worksheets, supplied stationery and used paper. Each child brought in a plastic chair and a mattress. However, The school started growing and this premises became too small after a year.

Mrs Pillay started using her own home as a preschool. Parents from the surrounding areas were very helpful and supportive as the school grew. The preschool programme, written by Mrs Pillay proved to be a huge success that her home became too small for the number of children enrolling. She resigned from her job as a teacher after 16 years when her part time passion became a full time job. It then dawned on her to build her own little “CASTLE” for the kids.

Funding was strictly from Mr & Mrs Pillay’s early retirement packages that they had taken when they left work. With unemployed skilled labour it took us over a year to get the building ready. Our building today boasts an area of 1000 square meters under roof and 1422 square meters of playground, 32 cameras, satellite TV, Koi pond, security and remote gates. We invite you to visit our premises to experience the vibe and see the environment that your child will be educated in.